Meet our Founder

When working with creative teams clients are keen to know the faces and personalities responsible for bringing their vision to life. After all business happens between people.

We thought a good place to start would be to introduce you to one of our founders, Steph Essex a former Superleague Netballer turned business woman, breaking the industry blueprint in the sports apparel world. For 10 years Steph worked as Creative Director at Bournemouth 7s Festival and Managing Director of Viper 10 Sportswear before that was sold to an external company bringing her journey with the brand to a natural end.

Steph has always been passionate about Women’s Sport and especially Netball, given her background and contacts. After leaving her previous roles, Steph spent some time away from her desk exploring Australia, catching up on life and recharging before a Global Pandemic brought all the fun to a halt. During this well earned year out from the sportswear industry with time sat on the sidelines so to speak, observing, researching and listening she was left feeling baffled about how time and time again the female sports market is often ignored or under represented.

In her next move, Steph teamed up with the commercially savvy Sophie Christy to launch her next venture – FLYHAWK – a new brand with women’s sport at its heart. More specifically, a brand dedicated to the 20 million people that play Netball worldwide. The second piece of the puzzle was launching Flyhawk Studios, an independent brand agency specialising in digital media and sport created to help companies wanting to build their brands more effectively.