Challenge the status quo

Women challenge the status quo because we are never it.

Cindy Gallop

After 10 years with a front row seat observing the teamwear industry we became baffled that time and time again brands often ignore the needs of the female audience. The “multi-sport” teamwear market is largely saturated by male dominated brands who don’t have a passion for female tailored products, only have Netball as a bolt on sport to tick a box within their range and, if they hold stock the majority of it is often men’s fit.

In 2020 alone we witnessed large global teamwear brands use size 8 models for their women’s supporter clothing instead of the actual players (like their men’s supporter clothing) and also the launch of a national team merchandise range which went no bigger than women’s size 16 cause uproar and upset amongst many female fans across the country.

It’s crazy to think its 2021 and no one has yet put a stake in the ground to truly represent the 20 million people that play netball worldwide and said, “We are female focused teamwear, we are Netball,” until now, hold our beer…

We are inviting all Netballers, female sports fans and those that have never had a pair of team tracksuit bottoms that fit you properly to join our ‘Flyhawk’ brand journey, inspired by a passion for raising the profile of women’s sport and a love of Netball. We firmly believe we have created an inspiring collection of made to order, performance products that offers athletes, sports fans and teams innovation, imagination and a netball focused community to belong to. We plan to have an awful lot of fun on the way too and fully intend to ruffle a few industry feathers – in a positive way to create meaningful change.

We’re on a mission to create a stellar collection of female team apparel and equipment for the Netball market, true Netball specialists. To build a brand that has a positive lasting impact within women’s sport, but most importantly, a brand which is profitable so we can invest back into the sport at both grassroots and professional level.

Flyhawk was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo. To make products that reflect who we are as people. To celebrate the sport we love. And unite the community that surrounds it.

Significant financial investment has been made into creating the perfect brand identity, e-commerce website, online 3D Kit Designer, sales and marketing platforms, and of course, product designs which set a new standard for the sport. We also have some incredible international netballers joining us on our journey, sharing their ideas, testing our products and ultimately sharing our vision for where we want to see the sport in the future.

We certainly don’t think we’ve got it perfect on day one, but know that you can back us on this; we are going to be relentless in our pursuit of creating a truly global brand for Netball, we will listen to your suggestions and we will continue to challenge the status quo.

Either you defend the status quo, or you invent the future.

Seth Godin

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